About Us

Sohar Sulphur Fertilizers LLC (SSF) was incorporated in 2011 and is a premier fertilizer company engaged in manufacturing and marketing of Sulphur-Bentonite and other variety of micro-nutrients. SSF isa Joint Venture between Takamul Investments, Awtad Projects & Development and Core Sulphur a USA based company. SSF canproduce about 30,000 metric tons per annum of Sulphur-Bentonite (StraightSulphur fertilizer-90%) as well as otherMicro-Nutrients fertilizers. The plant is located in Sohar Industrial Area in Sohar State, Oman. SSF operates it is plant using state-of-the-art technology and SCADA based atomized plant. SSF is thefirst SB manufacturing plant in Sultanate Of Oman. Its products marketed under the popular OMASULF brand which represents a combination of multiple nutrientssuch as Sulphur, Zinc, Boron, Mg, Cuand Iron,etc.SSF’srange of products caters to almost all agricultural applications..
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